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Review of the Land Rover Discovery 4

The new Discovery 4 has had some serious modifications rather than building a new vehicle from scratch. Instead of the previous 2.7 litre diesel engine its been upped by 300cc to 3 litres. This and other engine refinement has given the new model an increase power by 29% and torque by 36%.  The v4 seems to be smoother and simply have more behind the pedal.

The Land Rover Discovery is between the much more expensive Range Rover and the more industrial type workhorse, the Defender. With prices starting at £31,995 the price range also fits between its brother and sister.

With the government favouring smaller cars that are better for the environment and ever increasing fuel prices vehicles like the Discovery are getting harder to run. However if you are looking for a great off roader that is comfortable to run the whole family around in, there is no better vehicle in the market.

Taken from the Independant review